A fishing paradise

New Caledonia is geographically isolated from areas where industrial fishing takes place, and the country counts many marine reserves within which fishing is prohibited. Moreover, large portions of the lagoon have been inscribed on the World Heritage list. That being said, New Caledonia overflows with reputed fishing spots. Its lagoon is renowned worldwide as it shelters an abundant variety of fish. The enticing promise of a big catch in a tropical paradise…tempted yet? 


Enjoy sport or recreational fishing in New Caledonia


In New Caledonia, sport or recreational fishing can be enjoyed all year long. From southern Ile des Pins to northern Belep, from the Loyalty Islands to the Great Lagoon, New Caledonia offers amazing fishing opportunities. The activity is rather sustainable; its impact therefore remains minor. Fish continue to thrive in abundance and often reach sizes that are superior to what most fishermen are used to. Whether you are scuba-diving in New Caledonia or fishing, it is a great way to discover the biodiversity of the lagoon. What a real pleasure to be surrounded of multicolored fish! So... Are you ready for a week-end in New Caledonia?


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Embark for a safari on the New Caledonian lagoon

A safari lagoon

In order to preserve this idyllic environment and protect its lagoon, New Caledonia implements strict quota policies per boat and per person. This sustainable approach has allowed the country to remain one of the greatest fishing destinations, famous for its countless spots and amazing variety of techniques: game fishing, fly fishing, traditional assegai fishing, net fishing, etc.

The fly fishing

Amateur fishermen usually embark for a safari on the lagoon early in the morning. Powercat Charter is the only operator to offer the services of an IGFA certified Captain. Many other charters offer packages that will introduce you to fishing on the lagoon or the high seas. You can check on an operator’s professional standards by visiting the website of Maison du Lagon.

Fly fishing is a flagship

Amateurs flock from all around the world in order to measure up to the reputation of the northern New Caledonia lagoon. The area hosts some of the largest bonefish you can find. From mid-March to the end of September, conditions are ideal to enjoy the sand plateaus that emerge at great low tide. New Caledonia is reputed to be one of the world’s 5 best fishing destinations.

Sport fishing

Amateurs of fresh water fishing will love the uniqueness of Yaté Lake. Located in the southernmost part of the island, it literally overflows with black bass. In the 60s, the species was introduced in New Caledonia for the purpose of sport fishing.

Sea kayak fishing

Last but not least, you can discover and indulge in an original activity: fishing aboard a sea kayak. If you want to explore the option, head to Mont Dore or the gorgeous Prony Bay. New Caledonia is a true fisherman’s paradise. Here you can expect great catches in natural decors that will take your breath away.
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