Partnerships and sponsorings


Being an integral part of the local socio-economic landscape, Aircalin fulfills its role  as an ambassador for New Caledonia in each partnership or sponsorship it builds with local actors.

Our policy

The Company aims to facilitate the development of a project, an event, or an action by logistical support or aid with transport.


In this way, partners support the Company’s values, offer publicity for its products or services, or for the New Caledonia destination. 


Aircalin offers support in areas as diverse as sport, culture and the arts, sustainable development, charity work, and often on an international scale. 


Certain categories of projects are excluded from the Aircalin partnership policy:


  • projects that clash with the Company’s values or present a risk to its public image
  • projects of a political or religious nature
  • projects related to dangerous activities,  or forbidden by the law
  • private or personal initiatives. 

Send us a request

Would you like to send us a request for a partnership or sponsorship?


You can send a description of your project to our email address: or to our postal address: Aircalin, BP 3736, 98846 Nouméa Cedex




  • The name, and a description, of the organising body  
  • Administrative or legal documents proving the existence of the body
  • A description of the event: place(s), date(s), logistics…
  • The partners already involved in the event
  • The planned communication for the event (visuals, media)
  • The budget for the project
  • The target public, the number of people expected,
  • What you expect from Aircalin
  • What you can offer Aircalin
  • The contact details of the person in charge of the project

Each request will be studied. Aircalin will provide you with a response within approximately three weeks.

Our principal partners

Among the numerous partnerships that Aircalin supports, we can quote :




Aircalin kitesurf pro


Aircalin partner of the Aircalin Kitesurf Pro


From 14th to 20th Decmeber 2016, New Caledonia will host final contest of freestyle kitesurf championship.
The world's best riders will be presents in New Calonia. Winners will be known at the end of this championship.
A great opportunity to discover New Calednonia.

Follow the WKL event

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Festival de l'Image Sous Marine



Aircalin  partner of the Underwater Image Festival


Since its creation six years ago, Aircalin has been a partner of New Caledonia’s Festival de l’image sous-marine. As in previous years, the festival, organised around the projection of a selection of images from the World Underwater Image Festival and local competitions, haven taken place at the REX NOUMEA from 7th to 11th September 2016.






Logo CNC


       Aircalin partner of the Match Race World Cup and Groupama Race


        From 14th to 18th June 2016, New Caledonia will host Match Race World Cup (- 23 years).

        Crew from Australia, New Zealand, USA, Finland, Japan, France & New Caledonia will be there.

        Like an America Cup at Noumea !

        The Groupama Race event starts the 25th September 2016.








Aircalin partner of the Transcalédonienne : Défi Santé


The Transcalédonienne event takes place from the 2th to the 3th July.


The Transcalédonienne is a major local long-distance trek, combining sports performance in unspoilt environment and unique cultural encounters with Melanesian tribe people. Each year, over 850 participants from 8 different countries join the event in a friendly and festive atmosphere. 












Marathon international


Aircalin partner of the International Marathon of New Caledonia


The Noumea marathon hosts over 150 participants whom half are international competitors. Its course is exquisite, taking runners along the beautiful Anse Vata and Citrons bays. Festivities take place all along the race to entertain both runners and visitors.


Save your date for the 21th August!
















Aircalin partner of the Megarando 2016


The Megarando is a mountain bike race offering different courses (from 2 to 75 km) to suit everyone's level. It is catered to families with a special course for children and a child care service. A range of activities are also part of the programme. It is the most popular event in New Caledonia with about 1300 participants.


Save your date for the 28th August! Teaser 2016









Aircalin and Air France, partners of the La Foa Film Festival

The 18th edition of the Festival du cinéma de La Foa took place on the 1st July to the 8th July  at La Foa, Nouméa and in all the other municipalities participating in the event. Thanks to the quality of the films and the presenters, the La Foa Film Festival has become an unmissable event for Caledonian film lovers and even for amateur film-makers who have the opportunity to enter the short-film competition and be judged by a high-quality jury, or to receive a grant for a film soundtrack project. Each year, the La Foa Film Festival invites a high-profile figure in the cinema industry to preside over the jury.