In this column you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions.


They are in order going from reservation to after flight service.


We will guide you towards the sections providing most information, so that you can calmly prepare your trips.


What is meant by your single ticket being valid 6 months ?

Valid 6 months = validity of the ticket, not length of stay. This means that you can postpone your departure up to 6 months after the original date, but there is no limit on your length of stay in New Caledonia (if you have a European Union passport).

Can you choose your seat when you book your ticket on aircalin.com ?

You can choose your seat when you book your ticket on aircalin.com, only for the legs of your trip, which are operated by Aircalin.*

If your trip includes several legs, which are operated by other partner airlines, you need to contact them directly.


Finnair France Tel: 0821 025 111.


* Your seat allocation will be confirmed at check in subject to availability – priority is given to families travelling with children less than 2 years, disabled people and medical travel clients.

Can you change your reservation ?

You can change your reservation, for whatever reason, within the ticket’s validity. Provided a reservation in the same class is available for the new date, you will be charged only alteration fees. Otherwise, there will be a charge to cover the difference between original and new classes.

What is an electronic ticket ?

This is the ticket you will receive by e-mail upon payment of your reservation. This document is to be presented at the registration counter with your passport. In case of non receipt, please contact our reservation service. On presentation of this document, together with your passport, you will be given your boarding cards enabling you to travel.

Can you cancel your trip?

You can cancel your journey for whatever reason by contacting your travel agency by phone during office hours, before your date of departure. We remind you that you will be liable for cancellation fees (applicable according to the date of cancellation).


Do you need a passport with more than 6 months validity and a visa ?

As a passenger, it is your responsibility to respect the entry conditions of the country to which you are going. Be especially certain of the appropriate validity of your passport and obtain a visa if necessary (depending on the reason for your journey). Check with your travel agent or on the French Government site showing immigration rules by country.

What is your baggage allowance ?

And what if you exceed this allowance ?

Which goods are not allowed ?

Can your pet travel with you ?


When travelling from Paris to Noumea ?

Your luggage will be registered at Paris through to Noumea. There will be no need to collect and re-register at each stop.


At Paris you will receive boarding cards for all the flights you will be taking as far as Noumea.

What documents should I take with me to the airport ?

Please consult the official government website of the country where you must go.

In general, to pass airport security and present yourself at the departure gate, you must submit two documents:

  1. A valid passport issued by government authorities.
  2. A boarding pass with the correct date, issued by the airline. Boarding passes are issued at the airline's counter, at the check-in desk, at the airline's self-service kiosks, or on the airline's website.

Are all the bed/leg-rest models authorised on board?

Yes, so long as the object does not require the use of the seat's structure or press upon sensitive material, such as pockets or stow-away tables. The accessory should not inconvenience other passengers. 

Is it dangerous for my child to use a BedBox ® on board?

No. It is, however, imperative that you respect the manufactuer's instructions, the conditions listed on our website as well as the instructions of our crew

Where can I buy a BedBox ®?

You can find all the relevant information on the website https://jet-kids.com/bedbox.html or on the websites of other bed/leg-rest providers. 


What should I do if my luggage is not there on my arrival ?

Contact our arrival staff with your ticket and luggage dockets.  A report will be made and searches immediately undertaken on the “WorldTracer” computer system, in order to trace your luggage rapidly. As soon as it is found, our staff will contact you to arrange for its delivery.